Congratulations!  You have probably hoped this time would come and now it’s here.

You are getting ready to become a wife and there’s so much to do!  Before you allow yourself to get overwhelmed, make sure that you have your top priorities in order: your daily times set apart with God in prayer and reading the Bible, overall healthiness in what you eat and staying active physically, and keeping a big-picture perspective.

It’s really easy to drown in the details of wedding-planning and preparing for marriage, but make sure you remember what this is all about: making a covenant before God with a godly man to be faithful to God together and to one another.

We have put together some tips for your season of engagement. We hope it’s helpful and serves you well, not only for the big day, but mostly for your future marriage.

Books & Workbooks

We encourage engaged couples to start reading and digesting the “sex books” about 2 months before the wedding.  If there’s one book you read before you get married, this would be the one we recommend the most:

Another two very helpful books are:

These are other great options:

These are more great books on marriage: