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Women’s Health & Fertility

DSC_0212My husband, Stefan, and I (Cristina) decided to share some of our favorite things with you!

Boundless is a website that drips with encouragement, creative instruction, and practical advice especially for singles, dating, and young people giving life their best, yet needing guideposts along the way. Cristina can’t say how many times she pored over the pages of this site for dating advice for herself and others.  All sorts of taboo questions are addressed on this website that “keeps it real.”  Cristina attended the Focus Leadership Institute between her Junior and Senior year at Wheaton College and has so much respect for the writers contributing to this website.

Campus Crusade for Christ or “Cru” is a campus ministry that impacted Stefan’s life since his freshman year at USC.  He grew and matured in his relationship with God through the solid community, good friends and leaders.  Stefan continues to be involved even 10 years after that first year of college.  While we lived in California we served on the Pacific Southwest Region Development Council.

Focus on the Family is wonderful!  We listen to their podcasts, call their counseling hotline, share their resources (books, links, movie reviews, mags…) with others simply because they are such a solid organization that nurtures our faith and fosters a healthy foundation for the God-honoring family we desire to build. We hope you check them out and reap the benefits of seeking wisdom for the benefit of your family and community!

IMG_1509Gospel for Asia is a non-profit organization with which Cristina has been involved since her Wheaton College days. The founder, K.P. Yohannan came to speak at a World Christian Fellowship gathering and her heart blossomed with compassion for those who are hurting and hopeless especially in Asia.  This organization shares the love of Jesus through various means but especially through raising up and training national missionaries and caring for the Dalit (“Untouchables” or the lowest caste in India) children in the Bridge of Hope centers.

Hand and Cloth is a non-profit that Cristina’s Wheatie friend, Sarah Aulie, founded that we think you will love. “Through dignified work and God’s healing love, Hand & Cloth offers livelihood and life for women at-risk and survivors of trafficking…At Hand & Cloth Ltd, our social enterprise in Bangladesh, women gain job skills, develop into leaders and entrepreneurs, and experience Biblical values lived out. Working together, the women stitch kantha, a traditional two-sided blanket made from repurposed vintage sari cloth.” ( Cristina absolutely enjoys the radiant colors and the stories behind each stitch. No two blankets are the same.

ROCKHARBOR is the church community we’ve been blessed by for four years while we lived in Southern California.  Although we did not know each other before April 2010, we were both growing and cherishing this body of believers since 2008.  It’s strange to think that we both moved back to Southern California in the Fall of 2008 and joined this church. We love worshiping God together at the Mission Viejo campus. What a vibrant and beautiful group of people who love Jesus and love each other!